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BME International Matchmaking

Since 2009 we have brought buyers and suppliers together in over 4,000 matchmakings. With a success rate of over 28%, 1 out of 3 conversations leads to a result. The focus of the B2B matchmaking is on production materials and services - in Europe, Asia and North Africa.


BME has launched www.bmematchmaking.com - to support your sourcing activities worldwide. After registering for the matchmaking service, free of charge, buyers can submit their needs with RFI questionnaire in the run-up to BME matchmaking events.

BME partners on site, like AHKs, prequalify producers and service providers in commodity groups, who publish their perormance profiles on the platform.


Buyers can search on the platform for and invite suitable suppliers who fit their individual needs. Supplier can search for and invite suitable buyers that match their competences. Based on your matches, you can decide which events you want finally to register for. BME then organizes the schedule for the B2B meetings on site.


First steps to participate in events 2023
➀ Register as buyer or supplier for BME Matchmaking Service free of charge.
➁ Fill out and send the questionnaire to BME. Mark the events you are interested in.
➂ BME will inform you, when you get access to the profiles and when you can register for the events.


Our Service for Buyers and Suppliers

Our buyer-supplier matchmakings enable direct discussions between procurement professionals and international suppliers. Buyers will have the chance to meet matching suppliers of commodities from different sectors. Suppliers will have the chance to meet matching buyers from different branches. The aim is to meet only business partners that fit together during pre-scheduled B2B meetings.


Supplier Lists of past Events

Buyers can now order supplier lists of the events of the last years. Price: 595€/list.
Please send your order to email: [email protected] 

Your benefits as a buyer

  1. Create and enlarge your international business network
  2. Meet suitable suppliers in one-to-one meetings
  3. In pre-scheduled B2B-meetings you will only meet suppliers who fit your individual needs

Your benefits as a supplier

  1. Create and enlarge your international business network
  2. Meet suitable buyers in one-to-one meetings
  3. In pre-scheduled B2B-meetings you will only meet buying companies that match your profile and competences

Upcoming Events in 2023

3rd Sourcing 

Seminar Moldova

Date: 28 Febr - 1 March 2023


Partners: GIZ, ODIMM

Further details:

Sourcing Seminar Moldova is a seminar for Moldavian suppliers. Buyers present their company, their needs and sourcing processes. B2B meetings, with previously selected Moldavian suppliers.

2nd Sourcing 

Day Hungary



Partners: AHK Hungary

Further details:

Sourcing Day Hungary is an opportunity for buyers to find new business partners in Hungary by meeting with previously selected Hungarian suppliers.

9th Sourcing 

Day Pilsen

Date: 21 June 2023

Location: Pilsen

Partners: CzechTrade

Further details:

9th Sourcing Day Pilsen gives buyers an opportunity to find new business partners in Czech Republic. The B2B meetings will take place with previously selected suppliers. The Czech


procurement market is characterised primarily by automotive parts manufacturers. Other strong sectors are electronics, electrical engineering, process automation, metal products and mechanical engineering, as well as plastics and rubber processing.

7th Sourcing 

Seminar Serbia


Location: Serbia

Partners: GIZ, PKS

Further details:

Sourcing Seminar Serbia is an on-site seminar for Serbian suppliers. Buyers will have an opportunity to present their company, their requirements and sourcing processes.


The seminar will be followed by B2B meetings with Serbian suppliers. The buyers will have an opportunity to take part in individual company visits.

4th Meet 

Portugal's Best



Partners: AHK Portugal

Further details:

Meet Portugal’s Best is a chance for buyers to find new business opportunities in Portugal. Talk to the previously selected Portuguese suppliers during pre-scheduled B2B meetings.

10th Sourcing 

Days Italy


Location: Italy

Partners: ITKAM

Further details:

Sourcing Day Italy is an opportunity for buyers to find new business partners in Italy. Meet with previously selected Italian suppliers during pre-scheduled B2B meetings.

9th CEE Procurement

& Supply Forum



Partners: AHK Czech Republic

Further details:

CEE Forum is a well-established conference and an opportunity for European purchasing companies to meet with previously selected suppliers from CEE region during pre-scheduled B2B meetings.


Purchasing Initiatives Southeast Asia and Maghreb

Date: 2023

Location: Southeast Asia, Maghreb

Partners: AHK Southeast Asia and Maghreb

Further details:

BME members and buyers can now register with the association and express their interest in participating. In doing so, they will receive further information on both events, which are free of charge.

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